How It Works

Metta is a medically monitored weight loss plan that intelligently ADAPTS to your unique metabolic, behavioral, and functional status. Losing weight and maintaining it from the convenience of your home is now easy with Virtual Visits and support from Metta’s team of experts and app that is powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Joining is as Easy as 1-2-3



Call us or fill in the contact us form to book your FREE virtual assessment visit with an Expert. This call is worth $250, but we’re offering it to you completely free.

Our experts are renowned in the fields of Obesity Treatment, Nutrition, Behavior Science, and Exercise. We will discuss a plan that is tailored to you.



Start your plan by attending your first video-call with our Weight Loss Doctors and Coaches. Together we will personalize your plan to make it realistic and attainable based on your goals and health vision.

Your plan will not be one-size-fit-all or just a templated diet plan. We’ll work out the details about what, where and how much to eat, what kind of activity to do and how to fit it into your schedule as well as how to create a healthy lifestyle with your life’s challenges.



Once you have put your plan into action and are able to track your habits everyday with our technology-based tools you will continue to receive coaching and accountability from our team of experts. This includes 24/7 access to your coach via text, connected scale and wearable device (e.g. Fitbit™ and Apple Watch™), access to our proprietary Lifestyle Modification Curriculum, as well as metabolism and laboratory analysis (when applicable).

As you progress, our Weight Management expertise and Artificial Intelligence technology will continually optimize your personal plan to reach your goals.

We provide bias-free care in a non-judgmental environment. We consider our work with you as a long-term partnership—we’ll be with you as you lose weight and work to maintain a healthy weight. Even if you take a break from your weight loss program or regain some weight, we get it. We’re here for you. Our approach puts you at the center of your weight management journey.

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What is a compassion-driven approach to weight management?

The name of our clinic,MettāTM, embodies our core values and approach to patient relationships. In the Pali language,MettāTM means hav-ing compassion and an active interest in others; it is lovingkindness and friendliness. We recognize that the way we speak with and about patients makes a significant difference in how we well work together. Language impacts how patients feel about themselves and their ability to reach their goals. We are mindful about using people-first language and we encourage patients to take a leading role in their care.

What is mindfulness?

One of the first modern and secular definitions of mindfulness was provided by Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts, who described mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

How do you use mindfulness in weight management?

Awareness of the present moment is core to our approach and key to your success. In partnership with your coach, you will learn mind-fulness techniques that help you explore your current barriers and challenges. You’ll develop problem solving skills that will help you on your journey to your optimal health vision. We use mindfulness to generate curiosity and then awareness of different areas of GOM’s Wheel of Health. We partner with patients to create a vision of optimal health and implement mindfulness based skills when it comes to eating, moving, and being aware of positive & negative thoughts & stimulants that one may encounter in their daily lives while pursuing lifestyle goals.