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Tried Weight Loss Programs before and feel frustrated. Just eating less and exercising may not be enough. Losing weight is hard but not impossible.

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At Metta, we deliver expert care from weight management specialists and create a custom plan for each individual based on their unique biology, health status, and lifestyle.

clinically proven program is science and research based and includes one-on-one doctor visits, prescription medication (if applicable), personalized coaching on nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, 24/7 feedback, and more.

Our results speak for themselves and most importantly we provide bias-free care in a non-judgmental environment where we work on all parts of the equation: Health conditions, Nutrition, Exercise, Behavior, Environment, and above all your real-life circumstances.

Our Result

Our medically supervised program delivers weight loss for health gain. Proven benefits at 26 weeks and beyond are:


15% Loss of Bodyweight

30 to 50 Lbs

Body Weight Loss


Decrease in BP and Cholesterol


Blood Sugar Levels

Results may vary: Obesity and Overweight are caused by many factors that vary from person to person. These factors include and are not limited to genetics, environment, physiology, metabolism, other diseases or conditions etc. Weight loss results will also vary from person to person.

What's your health risk?

the more weeight you carry, the more likely you are to develop Obesity related conditions such as Diabetes High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Fatty Liver, Arthritis, nad many Cancers. The good news is that weight loss as small as 5-10% can help.

What Sets Us Apart

Our clinically proven program is science and research based. Our team of experts bring decades of experience in Obesity Medicine, Nutrition Science, Exercise, Psychology, Mindfulness, and Technology.
Our results speak for themselves and most importantly we provide bias-free care in a non-judgmental environment where we work on all parts of the equation: Health conditions, Nutrition, Exercise, Behavior, Environment, and above all your real life circumstances.


Medical Weight Management

Treatment is provided by Board Certified Obesity Medicine Physicians. A customized plan based on your unique metabolism, behavioral profile, risk factors, and genetics is developed. Our approach is comprehensive and includes nutrition, activity, and lifestyle modification tools.

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Metabolism Testing

We measure your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), commonly referred to as metabolism, to better understand your precise caloric needs required for weight loss and weight maintenance.


Weight Loss Medications

Obesity is a disease and medications are an integral part of its treatment. These medications work in combination with lifestyle modifications. Currently there are five FDA-approved


Tailored Nutrition

Your treatment plan is designed with you and for you. We have in depth knowledge of nutrition when it comes down to health, disease, and weight management. Our experts have the ability to develop and modify meal plans because we know one size does not fit all.


Bariatric Surgery Support

Bariatric surgery is an effective method for weight loss. To help patients keep their weight off long-term we provide the necessary support before and after bariatric surgery using evidence based recommendations for physical activity, nutrition, anti-obesity medications and behavior change.

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Innovative Technology

We use GOM™, a proprietary cutting-edge technology available exclusively at Mettā™ Weight Management. GOM™combines artificial intelligence, wearables, and digital scale to track your progress and provide you with real-time feedback. With telemedicine visits you will be able to cut back on long commutes and doctor’s visits and still get top quality care.

Why Metta?

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve tried everything on the market, from diet plans and meal replacement products to behavioral coaching, and you’re still not seeing sustainable results, Metta is the holistic weight loss program backed by science and tailored to you. Key features include:

Work with leading experts in Weight Management

Board certified Obesity Medicine specialists

Comprehensive program tailored for your real life

Precision nutrition using a wide range of plans and not one-size-fit-all plan

Designed to optimize weight loss based on your Biology, Genetics, Behavior, and Environment

Use of FDA-approved weight loss medications (if applicable)

Access to a connected technology portal that provides 24/7 access to an App, wearables, digital devices, and our coaching platform

⦁ Program adapts and changes based on your weight loss, metabolism, hunger, cravings etc.

How It Works



Call us or fill in the contact us form to book your FREE virtual assessment visit with an Expert. This call is worth $250, but we’re offering it to you completely free.

Our experts are renowned in the fields of Obesity Treatment, Nutrition, Behavior Science, and Exercise. We will discuss a plan that is tailored to you.



Start your plan by attending your first video-call with our Weight Loss Doctors and Coaches. Together we will personalize your plan to make it realistic and attainable based on your goals and health vision.

Your plan will not be one-size-fit-all or just a templated diet plan. We’ll work out the details about what, where and how much to eat, what kind of activity to do and how to fit it into your schedule as well as how to create a healthy lifestyle with your life’s challenges.



Once you have put your plan into action and are able to track your habits everyday with our technology-based tools you will continue to receive coaching and accountability from our team of experts. This includes 24/7 access to your coach via text, connected scale and wearable device (e.g. Fitbit™ and Apple Watch™), access to our proprietary Lifestyle Modification Curriculum, as well as metabolism and laboratory analysis (when applicable).

As you progress, our Weight Management expertise and Artificial Intelligence technology will continually optimize your personal plan to reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Question

- How does Metta work?

Metta provides comprehensive doctor-monitored weight loss care at home with video calls, daily text messages, a digital app integrated with Fitbit or Apple Watch, and a digital scale. After creating a personalized plan that is unique to your weight loss challenges and optimized for your metabolic, functional, and behavioral health, our AI algorithms and adaptive intervention approach ensure that we respond as your body responds, allowing us to intervene before your body hits a plateau. 
As you progress, our medical and coaching team and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based feedback will help you continually optimize your personal plan to reach your goals.

- How much weight can I lose?

Many lifestyle programs claim great results, but the problem is that such programs use a one-size-fits-all approach, and in most cases do not address the complex biology and metabolism changes that lead to weight regain. What works great for one person will do nothing for another individual with a lower metabolism or underlying health conditions. But Metta is a clinically proven program. On average, you can expect to lose 30-50 pounds in 3-6 months, or approximately 15% of your body weight. We are focused on the overall health of the individual by offering a sustainable weight loss solution.

-How much does the program cost?

As part of limited time offer, first consultation over phone is free (a value of $250). All clinical visits with a provider (in-person or virtual) are billed to your insurance. There is a monthly program of $99.99 (reduced to $74.99 as part of this introductory offer when you sign up for 6 months). Additionally, you can sign up for only 1 month to see if we are a good fit for you and we will honor the $74.99 monthly rate. We believe that by working digitally with our customers, we can pass on significant savings to you. For comparison, other medical weight loss programs can cost between $2300 and $5000.

-Can I charge the program fee to my HSA/FSA accounts?

Yes, Metta is a medically monitored under supervision of a physician. You can use your HAS/FSA card to pay for the program fee. We can also provide you with a medical letter and receipts.

- Does Metta accept health insurance?

Yes, all clinical visits with a provider (in-person or virtual) are billed to your insurance. Any labs, procedures such as metabolic rate measurement etc. are also billed to your insurance. If your health insurance does not accept our weight management services as a reimbursable service, you will be responsible for the clinical visit fee. This will be clearly explained in the financial responsibility policy.

- Do you prescribe weight loss medications?

Yes, we prescribe FDA-approved medications. Please do not hesitate to discuss your specific questions with our medical provider.

- Do I have to come in person?

No. Our program is designed to be delivered remotely through telehealth, especially during COVID-19. However, after that we prefer to conduct the initial assessment visit in person and can do the rest via telemedicine only or a combination of in-person and telemedicine visits.

-Do you use meal replacements?

Mettā™ offers OPTIFAST® meal-replacement products and provides the medical monitoring patients need while on the OPTIFAST® program.


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