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Dr. Sunil Daniel is a board-certified obesity medicine physician, researcher, and educator with fellowship training in clinical nutrition and obesity who has treated thousands of patients who struggle with weight related issues. He specializes in patient-tailored obesity management and technology-enabled delivery of personalized weight management. He has authored several scientific papers on obesity and its medical management.

Co-Author of the 2016 Obesity Algorithm® Fellow of The Obesity Society (TOS) Board of Directors of the American Board of Obesity Medicine Board of Directors of the Obesity Action Coalition Committee Member: Obesity-related medical and scientific organizations



If you’ve struggled to lose weight, I encourage you to come to Mettā™, and come with a different mindset. Having obesity is not a personal failing. Regaining weight or being unable to lose weight is not a personal failing. Obesity is a disease, and it requires lifelong treatment. It helps to have a team of skilled, empathetic health care providers who will be your partners and help you develop your own care plan.

I understand how challenging obesity is, not only as a clinical physician, educator, and advocate, but as a patient. I’m passionate about helping people with obesity because I have struggled, too. I get all of the challenges, barriers, health risks, lifestyle concerns, family roles, and how hard it is to prioritize self-care when you also have a busy personal and professional life.

After years of personal struggles and helping patients, I’ve learned that those who keep some or most of their weight off manage to develop a new mindset. This has helped me personally in living a balanced life and managing the journey of weight maintenance. It’s now my mission to help people focus on health and happiness, along with beliefs and values that support overall well being.

It would be my pleasure to help you.

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Sunil Daniel, MD FTOS