Treatment Plans

we work to find what’s right for you.


We are a comprehensive weight management center and use all treatment modalities supported by current scientific evidence. Your treatment plan is designed with you and for you. For example, based on our expert assessment and your unique profile, we may recommend meal replacements such as OPTIFAST® and/or FDA-approved weight loss medications.


OPTIFAST® is comprehensive medical weight-loss program that uses a highly structured approach to produce weight loss quickly and safely. This program uses OPTIFAST® meal replacement products, which include shakes, soups and bars. This program is ideal for those who need to lose at least 50 pounds and have struggled with weight-loss success using food-based weight-loss plans.

  • Weekly lifestyle modification sessions for 24 weeks
  • Weekly coaching (on-site group visits or virtual visits)
  • Medical monitoring clinic visits and lab work
  • Transition to weight-loss maintenance program


Mettā™ is a 24-week comprehensive medical weight-loss program. It is best suited for individuals who need to lose less than 50 pounds or who have fewer medical complications associated with their weight.

  • Personalized low-calorie meal, Activity, and Healthy Habits Plan
  • Weekly lifestyle modification sessions for 24 weeks
  • Monthly medical follow-up and supervision
  • Weekly coaching (on-site group visits or virtual visits)


At the end of 24 weeks, each patient will meet with our team of specialists to determine the next phase of transition (24 week blocks). This varies for each individual and depends on risk factors, metabolism, genetics, physiology, environment, and life factors. The goal is for each patient to enter into a steady state of weight maintenance and health and well-being.

**Individualized programs can be tailored to help patients prepare for weight loss surgery and for support after surgery in the weight loss maintenance phase.**